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Please join the campaign for First Nations peoples to have a voice – contact Ross Daniels

This is urgent.  At the 2017 National Constitutional Convention, representatives of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples issued the Uluru Statement From The Heart.  It asked for a First Nations Voice to be enshrined in the Constitution and the establishment of a Makarrata Commission.  In its final report of 30 June 2017, the Referendum Council recommended that a referendum be held to provide in the Australian Constitution for a representative body that gives Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander First Nations a Voice to the Commonwealth Parliament. Sadly, in response to the Council’s Report, the Prime Minister, without consultation, hastily rejected this recommendation drawing widespread criticism from Indigenous and non-Indigenous spokespersons including Sean GordonJackie Huggins and Pat Dodson [click names to see their comments].  There has since been a significant backlash to the Federal Coalition Government’s actions with over 900 organizations and thousands of individuals from across Australia supporting the recommendation for First Nations peoples to have a voice through Constitutional reform.  This is an opportunity for ANTaR Queensland members to join the campaign and add our voices to the Joint Statement from representatives of non-Indigenous Australians.  Please read, sign and spread the word to friends and family.

Our Book Podcast Club initiative – contact Sharon Smith


In this newsletter, I am pleased to announce the introduction of ANTaR Qld’s Book Podcast Club.. Sharon Smith has agreed to coordinate this and has provided this as a starter.

“There has been a suggestion, as part of the ‘Learn More Program’, that members may be interested in participating in a Facebook page that recommends and discusses relevant books, films and podcasts.  Whilst not having previously run such a group, I am a fanatical podcast listener, reader of books and keen movie goer, with a strong interest in educating myself around Indigenous issues.  So, if there is interest among the ANTaR Qld membership, I am happy to facilitate this.  I see the group as a way of educating ourselves about Indigenous Australia and welcome interested members to join and participate in this group to constructively further their own and other's education.  It will be a means to share books, podcasts and films that inform this group and to discuss issues that arise from these.  You can join our new Facebook page at directly from here or via the ANTaR Qld Facebook site and click on Groups in the left hand side menu.  Note we may occasionally supplement this with chats over coffee.  To get the ball rolling, I have recently heard a couple of relevant podcasts and have attached the links to these below with a short description.  I have also shared a couple of book titles that I have read in the last year and these are listed further down.




I absolutely loved these podcasts and have shared them with many friends.

Radio National - All In The Mind

Title: Racial bias and the brain

Broadcast date - Sunday 3 September 2017 

Summary: Racism comes in many forms. Sometimes it's blatant and associated with extreme violence, but often it’s more subtle and insidious. Research shows that being the victim of racial bias can impact your mental and physical health. We explore the psychology and neuroscience of racism.  Available at:


Radio National 2 - AWAYE!

Title: The rich cultural landscape of Budj Bim

Broadcast date: Saturday 7th October 2017

Summary:  Aboriginal people built the world's oldest known aquaculture system in a lava flow in south-western Victoria 6500 years ago. Available at


In a similar vein to this, everyone should read Bruce Pascoe's book "Dark Emu" which uses the first explorers’ diaries and notes to tell us what was here before British settlement.  Plus I found “Talking to My Country” by Stan Grant very interesting and challenging. 

·         Dark Emu by Bruce Pascoe

·         Talking to My Country by Stan Grant

I loved both of these books.  They are extremely different and I was reluctant to read Stan Grant's book initially as I had heard quite a few of his interviews on radio and podcasts but I did read it and have since recommended it to many others.  Many Australians seem to think that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples need to get over the past and move forward.  Stan Grant’s book is one that makes us realize that it is white Australians that need to do some shifting in their knowledge and thinking and reactions to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

Similarly, thought quite a different book, Dark Emu, shows us that we really don't know our history at all and that we need to re-educate ourselves and appreciate the vast history of our Indigenous Australians.

I hope this provides a bit of a start to this group and looking forward to input from others.  Please join the Facebook page at:

Child Removal – contact Sammi Lillie

It is pleasing to report that all amendments contained within the Child Protection Reform Bill Qld were passed in Queensland Parliament on the 26th October.  The Bill adds new principles that recognise the rights of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people to self-determine and applies the five elements of the child placement principle—prevention, partnership, placement, participation and connection—to the administration of the act for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children.  Additionally, the Bill allows for the transfer of decision making powers to the CEO of an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander organisation.  These are very important steps forward and ANTaR Qld, which provided two submissions for these changes, can be pleased with the outcome.  Nationally however we still need to do better.  With the Closing the Gap refresh due next year the National Congress of Australia’s First Peoples is calling for national targets to reduce the numbers of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children in out-of-home care.  In November, Sammi Lillie will attend the Family Matters Strategic Alliance meeting in Canberra to discuss what further action can be taken to address over-representation nationally. ANTaR Qld members are encouraged to take the Family Matters pledge to address over-representation. Click here to sign the pledge.

Balanced Justice – contact Wayne Sanderson

Wayne Sanderson attended the Canadian Youth and Justice Congress in Toronto.  It reviews, evaluates and debates effective policy and practice from all 10 Canadian provinces.  There are 645 people involved; includes 5 Australians and representatives from 3 of the more progressive US states (Washington, Illinois, Louisiana).  Wayne will provide a substantial report on the congress – with special linkage to our current challenges in Queensland – by mid-November.  By late November, the schedule of hearings for the Australian Human Rights Commission judicial inquiry into Indigenous Over-incarceration will be known.  Wayne will be offering to give in-person evidence at the Brisbane hearings, based on the written submission already submitted.  Additionally ANTaR Qld is represented by Wayne in the Balanced Justice Campaign to reform the Youth Justice Campaign of Queensland.  The campaign charter is about community safety; prevention of youth crime; early intervention; restorative practices and smart rehabilitation.  It is grounded in an international best practice evidence base.  Much more at 

Learning More Program – Cecelia Homerlein

The Learning More Program has had a new student sign on!  As you know this program is a self-directed course and we encourage people who are willing to learn about Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island culture to immerse themselves in film, literature and also events around Brisbane.  Australia has another perspective to the history that we all learn in school and that is why ANTAR QLD continues to support access to this other narrative; the voices of our First Nations Peoples.  We are happy to advise you on books to read, films to see and soon we may have a number of live pod casts added to our extensive materials, for you to listen to.  For more information click on Learn More

Membership renewal and donations – Kylie at the office on

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Kind regards

Ross Daniels – President


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Podcast - Radio National - All In The Mind Racial bias and the brain


Podcast - Radio National 2 - AWAYE! - The rich cultural landscape of Budj Bim

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