Antar's Learning More Program

The Learning More Program is a self-guided education program aimed at helping you to listen and learn more. It gives you a very basic level of knowledge and engagement with the heritage, culture and perspectives of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples. (A & TSI peoples).

It is a combination of individual research and community service and is facilitated by Australians for Native Title and Reconciliation Qld, (ANTaR Qld). It is a self-led program that can be completed as quickly or as slowly as needed.

This program is an excellent opportunity for non-Indigenous Australians who would like to understand and respect Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and to support their struggle for justice. On completion of the program, you will receive a Certificate of Merit from ANTaR Qld acknowledging the effort you have put into Learning More.

We encourage anyone who is serious about reconciliation between black and white Australia to undertake to complete the Learning More Program this year.

On completion of the course students will be expected to have done the following:

• Seen at least two films from the ANTaR Recommended A&TSI Film List

• Attended at least one Indigenous led community meeting

• Visited at least one Indigenous art exhibition

• Attended at least one Indigenous theatre performance

• Read at least two books from the ANTaR Recommended A&TSI Reading List

• Read at least one Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission report on Indigenous rights

• Attended at least two public forums with Indigenous speakers

• Spent five hours volunteering for ANTaR Qld or another Indigenous rights organisation

• Attended at least one Indigenous rights rally or public action


• You will have an opportunity to reflect on your experiences in a format that suits you eg: as a newsletter article, a review, a report, a speech, a film, a photo or a discussion with ANTAR members and our Murri and Torres Strait Islander friends.

We hope you will develop a greater sense of connection with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture and will have acquired some of the tools needed to help you in your journey towards true reconciliation.

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Learn More Registration Form - /sites/default/files/learning_more_program_registration.docx