Community Conversation – Current Issues relating to our First Nation's people as well all Australians’.

Community Meeting
Saturday, 2018, November 10 -
2:00pm to 4:30pm
Pamphlett-Tennyson Seascouts near the Simpsons playground at the end of Graceville Avenue

This is a simple date claimer for our upcoming ‘Community Conversation – Current Issues relating to our First Nations’s people as well all Australians’.  We have been kindly supported by Brisbane City Council to have two community conversations, one on Saturday 10th November 2-4.30pm which will be held at the Pamphlett-Tennyson Seascouts near the Simpsons playground at the end of Graceville Avenue.  The other conversation will take place in March 2019 – time to be confirmed at a later date.


This opportunity has arisen following our Survival Day Ceremony on 26th Jan, (by the bronze canoe at Simpson’s Playground Graceville, organised by Benarrawa Solidarity Group) where there was a lot of energy and reflection about the date of Australia Day and its meaning.  Since this event other important current issues have arisen from discussions with local Traditional Custodians, community members and emerging Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Elders.  As a result we felt that it would be great to gather people together and provide a safe space in which to listen to one another, share dialogue and be in presence of some well- known Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Elders and prominent community members to hear from them first hand.  For our first conversation we have the pleasure of confirming Uncle Steven Coghil who is a Traditional Custodian of this local area and currently among many other things is a board member of Inala Wangarra, and Stephen Mam ( is of Torres Strait Islander descent and is heavily influenced by his multicultural knowledge and experiences  who was born and raised in Brisbane, Queensland)   who is currently is extending his interest in the community as the Executive Director / Founder of SIBW, as our speakers. We will also have a facilitator for the conversation – Uncle James Sandy -  who has been working with Educational Queensland for a long time and is a great supporter of Benarrawa’s Educators Learning circle and recently was involved in the Treaty conversation at Brisbane writers festival hosted by Balaangala.


We will serve tea, coffee and light snacks during the conversation. Please let us know if you have any dietary requirements and if you are interested in attending. It is a free event thanks to the support of Brisbane City Council, however donations are always welcome.  I will send out a flier hopefully next week with more background information about the speakers and facilitator but I just wanted to get the date out there so it can be marked in your calendars. I trust that it will be a wonderful opportunity. 

For further information contact  - 

Benarrawa Community Development Association

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Ph:  (07) 3379 9925