The Frontier Wars: Exploring resistance figures and events Public · Hosted by Museum of Brisbane

Community Event
Thursday, 2019, August 15 -
5:00pm to 7:00pm
Museum of Brisbane Level 3, Brisbane City Hall, King George Square, 64 Adelaide Street

Professional Development Workshop: 'The Frontier Wars: Exploring resistance figures and events with historian Dr Libby Connors'

The conflicts between Aboriginal Australians and white settlers during the British colonisation of Australia, referred to by some historians as the Australian frontier wars, were a prominent feature of Australia’s history from the 1790s to the 1930s. This workshop facilitates discussion on a number of frontier war events such as the Black Line in Tasmania, the Myall Creek Massacre, the battle of the Kalkadoons and the Forrest River massacre, and their advantages and disadvantages for classroom exploration. Its main focus however will be on the complexities of the early Brisbane frontier in particular the role of Aboriginal leaders and warriors such as Dundalli in leading Aboriginal resistance. Participants will receive access to primary and secondary source material based on Dr Connors’ research.

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