Genocide and Dispossession: The Heart of Australian Capitalism

Community Meeting
Friday, 2019, November 29 -
6:30pm to 9:30pm
AHEPA Hall, Boundary Street, West End

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What we know of as "Australia" was built on genocide. To establish Australian capitalism, the British elite, through brute violence, destroyed the sustainable and classless methods of production that existed in this country for perhaps 40,000 years. In its place was ruthless exploitation, oppression and inequality. Genocide is not just "in the past" of Australia. To this day, Australian capitalism forces Aboriginal people from their land to make way for mining. The racist police and courts discriminate against and continue to murder Aboriginal people. The history of this country has been one of uninterrupted racism - and also uninterrupted resistance.

Gavin Stanbrook will be leading a discussion on this important topic. Gavin is from Gumbaynggirr country on the Coffs Coast. He became politically active and a socialist in protests for Aboriginal rights, including campaigning for justice for the Bowraville murder victims and their families. He is an activist in the NTEU and has been involved in the fight against government funding cuts and opposing the offshore refugee detention centres.

Gavin lives in Sydney, and is joining us in Brisbane only for the day of this event. To help cover the costs of the room booking and flights, we are asking for a $5 donation at the door for those able to contribute.