Most Excellent Adventure tour – to the Cherbourg Ration Shed

Saturday, 2017, October 14 -
7:30am to 6:00pm

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Ration Shed Tour

Departs from: Aussie World & Gympie Duck Ponds.

Teachers, HOC, HOD's, Leadership Staff and IEW's are strongly encouraged to engage with North Coast Region Ration Shed Tours as a part of the Region's approach to Building Capability.

The Ration Shed Tours are an excellent way to develop cultural competency to embed Indigenous perspectives in the curriculum. Be guided and hear from Elders who grew up under the Act and had their movements restricted.

Multiple links to the curriculum and C2C unit are all identified on the tour and you will have the opportunity to obtain resources to further enable you to embed once back in your classroom.

Arrive at Cherbourg for morning tea and Cultural tour of Cherbourg ‘s Historical Precinct. Enjoy lunch at the scenic Moffatdale Ridge Vineyard. What you will see, hear and feel is our shared history,-our hidden history.

Departs from Aussie World & Gympie Duck Ponds (see pick up point maps here)

  • 7.30am from Aussie World car park (Parking at Aussie World is ONLY available on Rizzo Road adjacent to the Aussie World car park)
  • 8.30am From Gympie Duck Ponds



Sarah Larsen

(07) 5352 9250