National Forum on Child Protection

Tuesday, 2018, June 26 - 8:30am to Thursday, 2018, June 28 - 4:30pm
Hilton Darwin 32 Mitchell, Darwin, Northern Territory 0800

Australia unfortunately is a leader in the number of children in the child protection system, as well as out-of-home care. There needs to be a drastic change in order to alter this fact. 

Akolade's National Forum on Child Protection will aim to change this fact by shifting the current approach which is crisis driven, to a positive approach which is based on early intervention.

Attend this forum and learn to:

- Consult with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and 
communities to co-design services in order to meet the individual 
community’s needs.
- Create better integration and coordination of services.
- Develop collaborative partnerships with Aboriginal and community 
organisations to deliver support services for families and children.
- Develop cultural competency within child protection bodies to 
better engage with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander families.


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