AQ Media Release : ANTaR Qld's 2013 Closing The Gap Award winners announced


ANTaR Qld’s 6th Closing The Gap award was won by Institute of Urban Indigenous Health at a ceremony held at Parliament House in March this year.

"At just two years old, Charlie has already faced a daunting range of health challenges. But all the  difficulties of living with Cerebral Palsy haven’t slowed down this bright, friendly youngster.  The Institute of Urban Indigenous Health (IUIH) plays a crucial role in delivering the support  young Charlie needs for a brighter future."

 ANTaR Qld’s 6th annual Closing The Gap Indigenous Health Award goes to IUIH in recognition of  their vital work for Charlie and thousands of other Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander  Queenslanders in urgent need of essential health services.

 The treatment and equipment that Charlie needs every day are provided by the IUIH through  their partnership with the Moreton Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Community Health Service.

 ANTaR Qld’s President Cecilia Homerlein said the huge scale of IUIH’s healthcare work for First  Nations people in Queensland made them a deserving recipient of the 6 th Closing The Gap Award.

 “On behalf of ANTaR Qld I am delighted to celebrate IUIH’s commitment to better health  outcomes for the rapidly growing indigenous population of South East Queensland,” Ms  Homerlein said.

 “The clinics run by IUIH in South East Queensland recorded more than 10,000 individual health  checks during 2012 which is an amazing record of service.

 “This figure included nearly 6,000 new clients across the region in 2012 which is an enormous  contribution to healthcare at the community level,” Ms Homerlein said.

 “So often this vital work goes unseen by wider society so ANTaR Qld is proud to be able to  celebrate the achievements of IUIH and their 160 dedicated staff members.

 “The First Nations population in parts of South East Queensland have greatly increased in the last  few years.

 IUIH has responded by opening new clinics in Morayfield, Capalaba and North Lakes  with others coming on line soon in Deception Bay and Strathpine.

” The award was presented at Parliament House last night on behalf of ANTaR Qld by the  Honourable Glen Elmes, Minister for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Affairs.

  Adrian Carson, CEO of the Institute of Urban Indigenous Health, thanked ANTaR Qld as he  received the award at the well-attended event on Monday evening.

 “Now more than ever there is a need to recognise the importance of Community Controlled  Organisations and build on this momentum,” Mr Carson said.

 “IUIH values the relationships we have developed with our partner organisations who should also  be recognised for their ongoing commitment to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

” The Interim Chair and founding Director of IUIH Stella Taylor-Johnson said she welcomed the  award from ANTaR Qld as part of the celebrations of 40 years’ service to the community.

 “We accept this award, not as a single organisation but as an expanding network of community  control which have been delivering care to our communities for more than 40 years,” Ms TaylorJohnson said.

 On 13 April IUIH will host a fund raiser for Cerebral Palsy sufferer Charlie’s ongoing care needs.

  Anybody who wants to support Charlie can buy tickets by calling Arabella on 0449 898 463.

 ANTaR Qld, joint winners of the 2011 Premier’s Reconciliation Award for Partnerships, is  renowned for working alongside Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Queenslanders on justice  issues such as Closing the Gap, Palm Island, Stolen Wages, Stolen Generations, Native Title and  Reducing Imprisonment.

 ANTaR Qld also provides opportunities for people to learn more about Aboriginal and Torres  Strait Islander history and lived experience with the goal of providing a bridge between people,  culture and knowledge.