Draft Close the Gap Letter May 2013


Premier Campbell Newman MP

PO Box 15185

City East

QLD 4002


Dear Premier Newman



As a Queenslander with a passion for giving people a fair go in life I urge you and your government to continue support for Closing the Gap.


Through the COAG process all Australian governments have previously committed to the important national priority of closing the life expectancy gap between Indigenous and non-Indigenous people. The aim is that this gap will be closed by 2030.


A large number of people throughout Australia have signed a pledge in support of closing the gap. In a country as wealthy as Australia, it is unacceptable that a baby born to an Indigenous mother can expect to live between 10 and 17 years less than a baby born to a non-Indigenous mother, or die before the age of four at between two and three times the rate of non-Indigenous children.


That is why I believe that now is the time to build on the foundations in place and that your government should continue to provide the necessary investment to close the gap.


I therefore ask that you publicly commit to renewing investment in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health equality through:


Committing to invest in the renewal of the National Partnership Agreement on Closing the Gap in Indigenous Health Outcomes which expires on June 30, with your state funding maintained at least at the level allocated to the current Agreement

Committing to invest in the delivery of the National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Plan due for completion later this year


The growing support for National Close the Gap Day (March 21st) events shows the continuing and growing support of Australians for the goal of closing the life expectancy gap by 2030. To achieve this goal it is obviously critical that your government continue to invest in closing the gap programs.


I trust that you and your government will continue to play your part in this national effort and look forward to your response to my letter.


Yours sincerely