Stolen Wages update

Update #14

Claim statements are being mailed now

A claim statement is being mailed to all people that registered for the Stolen Wages Settlement as a claimant or a registered representative of a claimant that has passed away. The purpose of the claim statement is to confirm the information that is registered for each claimant and registered representative is correct and up-to-date.

If a person is registered for more than one claim, such as for their mother, father or spouse they will receive a statement for each claim. Claims not registered by 21 November 2019 or deemed ineligible by BELAW will not receive a claim statement. 

The claim statement is to confirm the registered details of claimants and registered representatives and does not mean a person will receive a payment. Once the details of all registered claims are confirmed we will assess the eligibility of all claims and determine who is eligible to receive a payment.

Claimants and registered representatives are asked to check that all of their details listed on the claim statement are complete and correct, and any supporting documents such as photo ID have been provided. This will assist in the processing of claims without delay. Any changes to the registered details, or if details are missing or incorrect are to be notified to the Stolen Wages Information Centre by completing any required fields, signing the claim statement and returning it to the Stolen Wages Information Centre.

The claim statement does not have to be returned if all of the details are correct and photo ID has been provided. If a claim statement is not returned we will assume all registered details are correct.

To protect the details of bank accounts, only four digits of the bank account of claimants and registered representatives are shown on a claim statement. Please note that the claim statement incorrectly states that the four digits are the last four digits of the bank account. The four digits are actually the first four digits. Apologies for any inconvenience. If a claimant or registered representative needs to register or change their bank account details, they must complete the Bank account details form attached to the claim statement or available from the DOCUMENTS tab. If bank account details are already registered and are remain correct, the form does not need to be completed and returned.​ 

After all claims are assessed, distribution statements will be sent to all eligible claimants by 6 September 2020 with an estimate of the payment that claimants and registered representatives will receive. Payments will then be made by 6 December 2020. Please note that these dates may be extended by the Federal Court or by up to 45 days by the administrators.

At this stage, the Coronavirus restrictions are not expected to change the dates set by the Federal Court. Payments will not be made earlier as a result of the restrictions. People experiencing financial difficulties as a result of the Coronavirus restrictions should contact Centrelink or go to​ for support packages and assistance provided by the Commonwealth, state and territory governments.

A sample claim statement is set out below (this is a sample only) and can be viewed by clicking on the image.


​Anthony Beven and Tony Jonsson
Scheme Administrators
16 April 2020