Stolen Wages Update 2019

The Stolen Wages Class Action has reached a court-approved settlement of $190m inclusive of $13m in legal costs and $38m in commission to the litigation funder.

The settlement administration (and payments to class members) is very likely to be conducted by Scheme Administrators Tony Jonsson and Anthony Bevan of Grant Thornton Australia. Grant Thornton are a well-established and highly professional firm of accountants, with considerable experience in Indigenous Advisory. While the likely Administrators are based in Cairns, with BELAW, Grant Thornton have offices across Australia.

Before administration can commence, the “Appeal Period” must first expire. In the event an appeal is lodged, it will need to be processed and may potentially require a hearing in a superior court. This may significantly delay any settlement payments.

In the meantime, group members contact BELAW if any of their details change, such as address, phone number or bank details.