ANTaR Qld has been about making a difference in Queensland for 15 years.

We won the 2011 Premier’s Reconciliation Award for Partnerships. That's because ANTaR Qld is reknowned for working alongside Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Queenslanders on justice issues such as closing the gap in health between Indigenous and other Australians, injustices on Palm Island, stolen wages, the Stolen Generations, Native Title, and reducing imprisonment of Indigenous Queenslanders.

Our membership base is state-wide and includes people of all ages, all professions and all cultures who care about ending racism and building equality and respect in Australia.

Our signature symbol is the Sea of Hands which is a physical installation of hands in the colours of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander flags at public and community events. The hands represent the support of the Australian people for a fair and just Australia that recognises the First Nations of this land and respects their unique and individual cultures and heritage.

Our activities include supporting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander campaigns, holding forums, writing letters to influence policy and legislation, visiting politicians, and tackling inequality and racism in Queensland.

We also provide opportunities for people to learn more about Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture, history and lived experience with the goal of providing a bridge between people, culture and knowledge.

Want to make a difference but don’t know where to start?

Our strength is both in our numbers and our relationships.

As a member-based organisation, we invite you to join in the struggle, enrol in the learning more program and subscribe to our monthly e-news


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