Our management committee

The management committee of ANTaR Qld is made up of 10 financial members of the association. They are elected by financial members at the annual general meeting. Committee members serve for a year when positions become vacant. Current committee members can renominate.

The 2020 Management Committee is:

Ross Daniels: President & Acting Treasurer ANTaR Qld
I have been President of ANTaR Qld for the past five years have been elected again at the recent AGM. This will be my final year as President. I am also acting Treasurer. Before retirement he spent some 25 years lecturing on human rights, politics and economics at the Queensland University of Technology and during that time held positions with a number of social service and environmental organisations. I have had a long connection with Amnesty International where I was Chairperson of the International Executive Committee and President of Amnesty International Australia.



Ann Brown-Secretary

I am a researcher, teacher and practitioner who focuses on questions of working across difference and of conflict, violence and efforts to craft peace. This work has largely been within a university context (the University of Queensland and RMIT) and the not-for-profit sector (PaCSIA). Much of my work has been focussed internationally (for example, Timor-Leste, the Pacific Islands and West Africa). The need to recognise different ways of understanding the person and the world and shaping society and to respect communities’ values are key themes for me. I also have a long-standing interest in and care for my own country. This includes both the largely unacknowledged violence that marks our history and national life and that creates deep insecurity for Australia’s First Peoples, and the resilience, insight and sheer survival of many First Peoples. I joined ANTaR as a way of becoming more personally involved in this journey of relationship and have been on the management committee since 2019



Cecilia Homerlein: Sea of Hands

I have been on the ANTAR QLD Committee in various roles for over a decade now and have seen how ANTAR is not just an organisation it is also the sum of its members. Together we all support the struggle for justice One of our major ways of supporting the struggle is through our email newsletter network and I’m pleased to be adding a personal note to this one following 2020’s AGM. In the AQ Monthly we promote the rallies, marches, workshops, exhibitions and events that are organised by the community and we encourage all our members to support community lead events. On a personal note, my background is in education and a few years of teaching at The Murri School have allowed me to make wonderful contacts in the Brisbane Aboriginal community, which feeds into some of the charity support work that I do for ANTAR QLD. Other ways in which ANTaR Qld continues to promote ‘learning more’ includes distribution of the Sea of Hands across schools and institutions for Reconciliation Week, NAIDOC week and National Sorry Day. I am happy to be involved in this ongoing activity for ANTAR QLD as well

David Tutty

David Tutty is from Aotearoa New Zealand and is currently employed by the Catholic Diocese of Toowoomba as the Social Justice educator/advocate. He previously had a similar role in Auckland for 12 years and worked with groups who partnered with Maori in areas arising from the historical violation of the Treaty of Waitangi. Since leaving Auckland, David has had 9 years living, studying and working in South Africa. He holds a Doctorate in Theology focusing on what contributes to conversion to justice for a group of people who are the descendants of Anglo-Celtic colonisers. Above his Toowoomba work desk hangs a large copy of the Uluru Statement from the Heart. This is the guide his diocesan Social Justice Commission uses to inform the organisation’s engagement with local Aboriginal people and advocacy alongside them. He is a member of the local group, Friends of Multuggerah, which for a number of years has commemorated a local battle won by Aboriginal people resisting settlers coming up the range.

Lucy Lopez:

Lucy’s work in Youth Justice, ANTaR, is guided by the words of Murri artist and academic, Lilla Watson, “If you have come here to help me you are wasting your time, but if you have come because your liberation is bound up with mine, then let us work together.” Her own childhood experiences, her background in secondary and tertiary teaching in Australia and overseas, her research in Education and Cognitive Psychology and over 20 years of practicing and teaching Self-Awareness through Mindfulness, guides and supports her ongoing commitment to co-creating a fairer, more peaceful and empowering world where all, not just some, can thrive

Michael Butler:

I have been active in learning about Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander history since moving from NZ at 14. At university I got to volunteer with a student-led group that aimed to educate university students on the challenges facing Australia through volunteer work. As a group, we aimed to encourage students to continue this journey of learning and action by becoming active in the support of Indigenous communities. It was in this work that I became more aware of just how much work needs to be done and where I  first interacted with ANTaR at a movie screening after seeing ANTaR on the university campus. I joined the ANTaR MC in 2019 and I am looking forward to seeing what can be achieved in 2020. I’m pictured here in the Balaangala native garden in the Gap, Meanjin

Uncle Des Sandy
One of our leading & local Traditional Owner Elder’s, Uncle Des Sandy, who is a Yuggara man recently joined the Management Committee.
Uncle Des Sandy continues on this journey for recognition and justice for his people through the Federal Native Title processes.

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